Friday, September 30, 2011

Council should focus on the issues rather than one another

Now that Councilwoman Lisa Hall has moved from insinuation to accusation with regard to Councilman Troy Purnell’s business interests, it is only appropriate to point out that not only is it a tiresome way to conduct the town’s business, it also does little for her credibility when it comes to honest disagreement.
At this week’s council meeting, Hall accused Purnell of trying to undermine the town standards in the interest of “developers” both without cause and without evidence. Setting aside the nature of the attack, what was most discouraging was that her fixation on Purnell’s status as a developer clouded her ability to hear the pros and cons of the more lucid questions and answers.
In an effort to save the town time and money, the staff proposed that in instances where the council would have to rely solely on the opinion of its employees and engineers, a consensus of those professionals would be sufficient when granting a standards exception.
The exception does not apply to matters covered by planning or zoning or state law, only technical matters that are reviewed and agreed upon by experts.
While few would claim Purnell has set the world on fire as a council member, it is shortsighted to attack him on every question about land or construction the council faces. Hall would do well to set aside her conspiracy theories, review the evidence and make a decision based upon those rather than her biases.


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