Friday, October 7, 2011

OPA board needs tightening up

The Ocean Pines board of directors’ decision to narrow its focus and reintroduce the pending action list (PAL), a kind of long- and short-range collection of projects, may help produce a better organized, more efficient administration.
The board that originated the PAL was one of the more productive in recent memory. While use of the list itself cannot be fairly cited as the direct reason, it did produce a kind of culture change. The sitting board had a not-so-subtle reminder at the end of each meeting that they were there to accomplish things rather than just talk about how things would be if they did. 
There is a bit of a danger in becoming so obsessed with the structure of the board process that the point of the board — overseeing the many and various improvements the community requires while keeping costs reasonable — can be sacrificed to it. But the current collection of members may be able to avoid succumbing to structure over substance by the regular and constant reminder that there is much to do.
Time certainly will tell, but at this point the board has set an aggressive, if short, agenda. The OPA members have every right to expect that this year will see not only a cohesive facilities plan but its actual implementation. There is much to accomplish but eating the elephant with a focused goal one bite at a time seems the right approach.


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