Saturday, December 3, 2011

Street Closure Should be Investigated

At this week’s Town council meeting Gail Lewis made an excellent and novel suggestion that will likely benefit both the merchants along South Main Street as well as give visitors a better sense of just how diverse the town is. Lewis proposed the Town extend the regular event street closures beyond the intersection of Jefferson and Main streets so that the street festivals the Town so regularly hosts will encompass the entire business district which includes by her count seven additional shops.
While Chamber Executive Director Olive Mawyer made a good point when she told the Council to be careful about isolating the non-retail businesses along that final stretch of the business district, there is almost certainly a way in this case to accommodate those businesses without isolating the retailers instead.
As Mayor Gee Williams suggested, there are certainly worse problems to have than being too busy to have enough parking for all the people headed Downtown for the events and it is in that spirit that the Town staff should begin to find a solution that will make a detour around any festivals benefit both the attendees and the hosts.
While it may take some doing and even cause a little inconvenience at first, it should be recalled that closing part of Pitt Street was once considered a little complicated. Once a solid plan is developed and enacted it is almost certain it will become as common as the other minor changes the Town has seen in the past few years.


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