Friday, December 9, 2011

Yacht Club needs a do over

If there was one thing that was made clear during this week’s presentation about the Ocean Pines Yacht Club it is that the building needs to be replaced. Although it is within their purview to order a major and extensive renovation, the OPA board of directors should concern themselves with how, when and with what to erect in the Yacht Club’s stead.
General Manager Bob Thompson’s concept is worth seriously considering. Whether the board and the community is happy with the tentative design or not isn’t so much the issue as Thompson’s plan to run the place.
While the “Open for Business” model was attractive when it came to the other amenities, the notion of having the Yacht Club restaurant closed during the dead of winter is the most attractive part of the plan. Making sure that the facility is always ready and able to accommodate the private functions that are the major sources of income and only having the restaurant open when it is pleasant enough to dine on the water seems a solid plan with few downsides.
But unless the Yacht Club is to be abandoned it is certainly a better idea to rebuild something that has a more flexible use than the current building. Beyond that it will be the board’s responsibility to make sure that the business plan for whatever building they decide to open makes sense.


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