Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being open to growth is the best way to go

This week the Berlin Mayor and Council elected to table an agreement with the County that would connect Briddeltown to Berlin water service. The sticking point was not the water agreement itself but rather a reference to annexation restrictions. Gee Williams worried that the language could be interpreted in such a way as to exclude the Town from ever annexing other property in the area.
Although this is likely not the intent of the agreement the fact that the Council elected to put the brakes on and make sure rather than to just go ahead with what was otherwise a simple agreement is heartening. To be clear, it is the Council’s job to make sure they understand what they’re signing. Doing your job doesn’t deserve extra credit.
What does deserve at least a mention is that their concern indicates that the Town continues to keep an eye out for opportunities to grow well and sustainably.
The new wastewater treatment plant was designed to accommodate growth. And while it is good that Berlin is not attempting to grow aggressively, it is good to know they are actively keeping the door to potential growth open.
While the residents of Briddeltown have the right to want to continue to use septic it would be shortsighted of the Council to agree to forego ever expanding the town borders east. The Council should protect the Town’s ability to grow and making sure they don’t sign away that right is a good start.


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