Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It is time for the OPA board to get focused

After as many informational meetings as anyone could be expected to hold, it is fair to say that OPA General Manager Bob Thompson has done his job. It could even be said, though it would be debatable, that he’s made his case for replacing the Yacht and Country Clubs. Having gone above and beyond the call of duty in addressing the issues the board of directors has asked him to address, he deserves the board’s thanks and better direction about the next step.
The board should tell Thompson to continue on the Yacht Club plan and put the Country Club plan someplace safe for the time being. This would be the best call for the community, for good practical as well as good political reasons.
The practical reason is simple enough. There is no way that a referendum on both buildings will pass, even if the two are separated. It is too much to ask of a community that has seen too much go too wrong too quickly where the golf course is concerned.
The political reason is subtly different. If the Yacht Club is brought to referendum with no specter of the golf course looming over it the measure will likely pass. Once the board — and to be honest, Thompson — have demonstrated they are capable of successfully turning around the Yacht Club, the Country Club would be an easier sell.
Until then it is likely if the board asks for too much it will get nothing at all.


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