Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thompson gets chance of a "Lifetime"

Although some directors seemed a little hesitant to do so, they have turned Bob Thompson loose on two major tasks this week. The first was the go ahead with the next step in the replacement of the Yacht Club, wisely chosen to take priority over the Country Club. The second task is a little more interesting — the Lifetime Membership plan for the golf course.
Thompson sold the project vigorously because he obviously believes in it. His initial detractors were separated into two groups, those who thought the plan would fail because it was too expensive and those thought it would be a bad idea because it was too expensive. This last group is concerned that the golf course’s future financial health lies under the weight of the 33 lifetime memberships that will be for sale.
Now that the plan has been modified and passed by the board of directors, the next step is to see how well it works. Thompson has been a font of novel and innovative ideas over the last 18 or so months and to see one of the more daring approved is exciting.
If Thompson can, as he’s suggested, get enough of the memberships sold to take a bite out of the $900,000 greens replacement everyone will be forced to see his approach to problem-solving in a different light, which would be encouraging.
The only real downside is that, should it not succeed, it may become included on the growing list of failed golf course fixes.


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