Thursday, March 22, 2012

Burbage project worth OPA’s endorsement

It is always difficult when for the improvement of a community some residents are asked to be inconvenienced, if even a bit.  However living in a community almost always entails some inconveniences. In that vein, as part of seeing the bigger picture, the Ocean Pines Board of Directors as well as the Worcester County Commissioners and Planning Commissioners should support the move to allow a medical complex to be built along Route 589.
The only thing downside to the project is that there will be a few more cars traveling along King Richard Road and this will make some of the people on that street unhappy.
Space doesn’t allow for a comprehensive list of the upsides but the creation of jobs, the additional egress from Ocean Pines and the convenience for the rest of the community as well as the rest of that part of the county alone are reason enough to allow this project to go through.
In asking the OPA Board for a letter of endorsement this week Jack Burbage, who will develop the project, was open both to criticism of the design and suggestions about the aesthetics. He expects to present the Planning Commission with an updated traffic study showing the anticipated volume that originally hampered the project was inaccurate and he wishes the complex to become a commercial, dues paying member of Ocean Pines. Endorsing the proposed medical complex is the correct thing to do at all levels of government.


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