Friday, May 11, 2012

Open container law is working

Another festival for which the open container laws in Berlin were suspended has passed without incident which is a tribute both to the way these events are run and marketed as well as to the way the Town volunteers and staff conduct themselves.
The Town Council supported the measure if not enthusiastically at least wholeheartedly and has so far been vindicated in their trust in the Town’s patrons. This tepid endorsement is likely one of the most important aspects in ensuring the leeway they have allowed is not taken too far and the fact that the Council was willing to make occasional exceptions not exploited.
Everyone has an equal stake in the events continuing to go well which means everyone is on the lookout to nip potential problems before they become actual problems.
Of course, the other significant element is that Berlin street events are just not attractive to the types of people for whom brawling and other disreputable behavior is common. By maintaining the family atmosphere but not constricting every event to be primarily for children, young families and couples are more encouraged to participate.
Berlin has in recent years begun to establish itself as the alternative to places that are only for kids or only for adults, striking enough balance to redefine itself over the course of less than a decade.
Staying this course will likely secure the Town’s reputation as it continues to evolve slowly and in a positive way. 


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